Writing A Term Paper: What To Know About The Format Of The Works Cited

Every single week you have to write a new term paper, and this is getting exhausting. No matter how much you struggle you still can’t make your professor completely satisfied. You are willing to learn and work more than this? Then you have all the chances to be perfect in the future. One important element that you don’t have to neglect when you work on your assignment is the works cited page. You have no idea how to create this? Then pay attention to these guidelines:

  • Choose a separate page where you will create this piece. The arrangement and the font needs to be identical to the ones that you used in the rest of your composition. If other pages have a number in the corner, this one will have it also. If other pages have a few centimeters of edge, this one needs to have it also. The point is that it needs to look like part of your project, not a separate element.
  • Write “works cited” instead of the title of the page. You can use a bigger font for this, but make sure that you don’t use a different style and you don’t underline this title. Stay away from anything that can be considered out of the requirements.
  • Leave space between the citations. This is very important and it is something that will make your page look organized and polished. If there is no space and just punctuation signs, it will be difficult for any reader to take a look at it.
  • Make sure that you write all the details. This is vital if you want to get high marks. When you use a reference in the text, you are trying to make the source and the author as short as possible. Now you have plenty of space that you can use, so you need to write not only the source of the quote, but also the page number from where you took it, the year when the book was published and the country where it was published. It might seem like a lot of details for you, but your professor will appreciate this.
  • Mention the websites. Nowadays, many students are making research on the Internet and you are probably one of them. Every time you take some information from a website, you have to mention it.