A Brief Manual On Composing A Research Paper In The MLA Style

When you are supposed to write a research paper make sure you follow your instructor’s guidelines thoroughly. Follow the guidelines of MLA Handbook of Writers to stay flawless.

Check out the brief manual

Paper: Always get your dissertation printed on white sheet. It should be 8 ½ by 11 inches paper of twenty pound. Avoid using erasable papers as they tend to smudge.

Margins: Leave a margin of one inch from all the sides i.e. left, right, top and the bottom. Indent the paragraphs half an inch from the normal pages. The set –off quotations should be compressed one inch from the left margin. Quotations should be placed approximately 5-10 spaces on standard typewriters.

Spacing: According to MLA guide, such writings should be double spaced. It is valid for quotations and notes and for all the cited works.

Heading and title: There is no need to use the title at the top. Write the name of your instructor at the top of the first page towards the left hand margin. Followed by it, write the name of your course and the number below it. Remember all these should be written on separate lines. Use double spaces and shift the title towards the centre of the page. If your title is lengthy and requires two lines use double spaces between the lines. Begin your text after double spaces. Do not underline your title. Do not use capita letters too. Capitalize only the first, last and the principal words used in the title. Never end the title with a period, however quotation mark and exclamatory marks are fine to use. If the research is written in other languages, keep them capitalized and use punctuation based on the rules provided by the instructor.

Page Numbers: Use consecutive numbering throughout the text. It should be on the upper right hand corner, one half inch from the top. Get your last name typed before the page numbers. Running head can be created based on the format of the paper. Maintain the consistency while numbering. There should be double spaces between the page numbers and the top line of text. Avoid using abbreviations or any other special mark beside the page number.

Table and Figures: Table should be written with Arabic numeral. Flush the words on the left hand margin. Figures include images, line drawings, charts, photographs, etc. Both of them should be numbered and captioned.

Binders: Ask your instructor if they want the research paper in the form of flat stacks of paper or gimmicky binders. Different instructors and departments have different rules regarding the binders.