The Best Method To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper

Do you want to compose an effective thesis statement for your assignment but not sure how to do it? Is it your first time creating such academic assignment and you are worried? Do you need help in understanding what actually a thesis statement is and how to compose it?

Well you are not alone. Majority of students do not realize the purpose or style of the problem statement and lose potential marks for this. This is a critical portion in your paper because it will decide the overall direction and scope of your work. You base your entire paper on this statement and try to prove your statement throughout the rest of the paper with the help of strong evidence. The conclusion of your paper will restate your thesis statement and emphasize that you succeeded in proving your ideas.

To be able to create a strong statement, you should be able to answer the basic question

What do you want to achieve with your paper?

The answer to this question in a sentence or two will be the core statement for your paper. In other words, it is the theme of your work and shows the significance of your research to the audience.

  1. 1. If you cannot find the answer straight away, you should consider following a few steps.
  2. 2. Search your subject and develop an understanding so that you can easily write your paper about it. The more you know about the subject, the easier it will be for you to write it. You need to have a good hold of the subject so that you can find a niche and address it accordingly. The subject your teachers assign you is wide enough for you to cover in one paper. You have to make sure that you narrow down the subject and choose a unique area to address
  3. 3. Try to find a problem that you will address in your paper. The problem is important to identify because you will find a solution to it in your paper. You need to choose an original problem that you will search the evidence for and prove it to your audience
  4. 4. The problem you choose should be genuine and the solutions you suggest should be viable so that you can easily prove yourself in the body of your paper
  5. 5. Write your thesis statement based on the problems and solutions