A List Of Research Paper Topics About Music In The 19th Century

For a long time, music has been an integral part of mankind. It has been used to entertain, educate and even mobilize people. In the 19th century, music has undergone a lot of transformation and this is why it can create a good topic for your research paper. If you are wondering of a good research paper topic about music in the 19th century, here is a list that can be helpful to you.

  • The best guitar compositions in the ninetieth century. In the recent past, there hasn’t been adequate attention on the 19th century guitar compositions. You can therefore choose on different guitar composers such as Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado and Niccolo Pagarini and write a research paper.
  • The spiritual of the 19th century. You can look at the music of the African American after the occurrence of the civil war. You can cite some examples of spirituals which could also be considered as freedom songs
  • Was Tchaikovsky a hero or a villain? You can consider the music and life of the Peter Tchaikovsky the Russian composer. Consider the melody gift of the composer as well as technical proficiency and how he contributed to opera, symphony and ballet. You can also choose to write on his personal life and the struggles he went through in the Christian faith and the regard of his music in political and academic circles.
  • Samuel Coleridge Taylor. You can have a look at the influence of the music by the African American. What were his well know works?
  • John Sousa. You can also write on Sousa, who was also referred to as the March King and is ranked among the most popular conductors and composers in American.
  • The organic music in the 19th century. Consider the various composition styles and sounds of the 19th century
  • Bizet’s Carmen. Discuss Bizet’s Carmen to discover whether it should be considered as verismo or realistic
  • Giuseppe Verdi & Italy. You can discuss the music by Verdi. Viva Verdi was not only a political slogan but it was used to show support and patriotism for the great opera composer. On top of Verdi’s music, you can discuss how he changed the world through his involvement in politics. You can also compare the composer’s work with other composers of contemporary Italian opera.

For more ideas on 19 century music to write on, you can try out this resource.