How To Come Up With An Intriguing Research Paper Topic For College

Anyone can write a research paper. Let’s face it, you have probably been doing them since Middle school. However, coming up with an intriguing one that both captures the mind of the reader and poses thought-provoking questions can be a whole lot harder. Most people simply pick a topic that they like and then set about researching it. There is nothing particularly wrong with that strategy and because you are invested intellectually in it you are likely to secure yourself a decent grade. However, unless it is intriguing and titillating it is unlikely to get you the top grade. So, just how do you come up with an intriguing research paper topic for college? Here’re my top tips:

Do a straw poll

This is not as crazy as it sounds and I am not for one second suggesting that you should head off down your nearest high street and start stopping people in the street. However, conducting a straw poll of friends/family/work colleagues can be a great way of finding out what other people and therefore, potential readers find intriguing.

Spin your favorite topic

You don’t have to be a government spin doctor to be great at spinning. Choosing a topic that interests and excites you is always a great start. The art is in then taking that topic and spinning it on its head so that you are looking at it from a different angle. That is called intriguing.

Do the opposite of everyone else

A good student will go to extraordinary lengths to find out what everyone else in class is doing. Not because they are a sheep and want to follow the crowd but because they want to avoid what everyone else is doing. By getting a heads up concerning the competition you should be in a stronger position when it comes to being creative.

Don’t try and please everyone

What is intriguing to one person could just as easily bore the life out of someone else. This is not a popularity contest and you are not going to please everyone every time. Ultimately, this is your project and it is important that you have fun with the research.

Use upbeat language

Upbeat language can go a long way towards making a topic seem exciting. Using adjectives and adverbs is a great way of accomplishing this. You want the end result to be dynamic and stimulating.