Step-By-Step Instructions On Composing A Research Paper Title Page

The title page of a research paper is the first thing you will see in the paper. You need to format and structure this page depending upon the instructions and preferences from your teacher. Some teachers like students to follow the custom formats for writing a title page while others may prefer a standard format like APA or MLA. Even though a title page is short in length, you need to make sure that you pick the right format and follow the exact guidelines for your assignment.

If you are worried about creating a good title page for your research paper and do not have any idea how to begin, then you should consider the given instructions. They will help you complete a great title page for your research paper

  1. Write the title in the center of the page and leave one third of the page above it. The title of your paper needs to follow the standard rules for punctuation. For example, the first word of the title will begin with a capital letter no matter what. You need to write the first letter of each word capital in your title except for a few cases. You can skip the capital letter for very short words like articles and prepositions.
  2. Never include quotation marks around your title or italicize it when you are using the MLA style. The guidelines will differ for different styles so you need to make sure which one you are following
  3. If the title contains a quotation or a title of another work inside it, then you can write it in italics or use quotation marks. If you title has the words, A brief study of David Copperfield, you should italicize the David Copperfield because it is a title of a book
  4. Leave space of a few sentences after the title and write your name. You would have to write your first and last name both
  5. Leave space for few sentences again
  6. Include the name of the degree or course you are writing this research paper for. You should mention which subject and semester your paper is for
  7. Leave space for one line and write the name of the professor below the course. Include the proper title of the professor along with the name
  8. Leave a line and include the date after the name of the instructor. You need to follow the date style for the format you are using like MLA or APA etc.