Taking Advantage Of A 3rd Grade Research Paper Template

Writing assignments begin early. While some schools require students to start writing essays in middle school, other schools start students off in third grade. For third graders, a research paper can seem like a daunting task. From finding materials to using evidence, students need all the help that they can get to turn in an excellent, A+ assignment.

Finding a Template

The first step is to locate a template. This template can be found online, in the library or through the teacher. A template is a must-have for third graders because it shows them how to structure their assignment and use evidence to back their thesis. This may be the first essay that the third grader has ever written, so they will need a guide that actually shows them how to write it.

Looking at the Structure

With the third grader, parents should go through the structure of the research paper. They may have to explain what an introduction and conclusion are. Likewise, the parent will want to show how each paragraph of the document builds on the argument. A topic sentence is like a miniature thesis statement. In each paragraph, the topic sentence is included in the first line or two, and it shows what that paragraph will be about. By the end of the document, all of these topic sentences will be summarized within a conclusion. If the student has done their job well, the reader will be convinced toward seeing things from the student's viewpoint.

Use Post-It Notes

Children are often very visual learners. Rather than just use a template, parents can use an entire wall to help them with writing. On the wall, they can post each part of the research paper that was listed in the template. Beneath this, the student can add post-it notes with the information that they plan on using, the topic sentence and the argument. This extremely visual approach is great for students who have a hard time organizing their writing into a coherent, logical order.

Start Writing Early

Most people struggle with writers' block, but third graders have an even greater challenge. For a third grader, nothing seems more exciting than playing outside or hanging out with their friends. Convincing the student to sit down to write can seem like a monumental task. To make sure that the student completes their research paper on time, the parent should begin as early as possible. They should set aside a specific amount of time everyday for writing, and break up the entire task into smaller, more manageable chunks of time.