A Brief Manual On Composing A 5-Page Technology Research Paper Outline

If you have a favorite piece of technology or a couple of favorites, this is your time to reflect really on what you enjoy about them. A research assignment that encourages you to mention all of the fun features and things you can do with your electronic device. If you are not sure how to organize a report in your research, here are a few tips on how you might put it together.

Perhaps you absolutely love some latest electronic device you have. You might start your outline off with what it is useful for and who would heavily benefit from it. How does it make your life easier? Is it really affordable for most people, or is it more on the expensive side? You might be able to mention what company makes it since some have a personal preference on where their technology comes from.

List a couple of things you appreciate about it.

  • - Maybe it's light weight.
  • - Is it compact and super-easy to carry around?
  • - Does it play videos?

Even these three features are important to some people. You might put that in the middle of your outline somewhere. Mention that stores carry the piece of technology and possibly the ones with the best buy for it. Point out pros and cons of it. Perhaps even bring up whether there is a standard version and an upgraded version of it.

If you are writing about another kind of gadget, some of the same ideas apply. You want to introduce the product. Explain what it does, the company who came up with it and why people would want it. Tell your class why you like it so much and how durable or not as durable as you'd like it to be it is. Briefly mention the cost of it and why you think the cost is worth it. You don't even have to say exactly how much it is, just say it is a bit more expensive, or it's really affordable.

You can take the cost of the product off of your outline and simply explain in light depth about what features it has and how the company built those features into it. If you are more experienced with tech terms, go into detail. If you are not, simply mention in your research paper what the features let you do and how easy it is to use.