How To Come Up With A Brilliant Macroeconomics Topic For A Research Paper: Tips & Ideas

Given that working on a research paper on macroeconomics may be a challenge for some students, it’s very important to select an effective topic. There are many subjects you can write about, so you should find a topic where you will be able to demonstrate your skills.

You can use these tips while deciding on your topic:

Consider available sources.

It’s very important not only to choose an interesting topic, but to research the availability of sources so that you can meet length requirements.

Look through your notes.

Your notes on macroeconomics or your professor’s remarks may become sources of some original ideas. If some problems were mentioned in general at the lecture, you can explore them more deeply.

Read specialized literature.

Use articles or magazines on macroeconomics to help you come up with interesting ideas. The Internet provides you with lot of opportunities, so you can find necessary information without any difficulties.

Focus on the subjects you learned.

If you have studied some interesting course, but you have only a general idea about it, you can explore some issues in detail. Thus, writing about something unknown to you may also be a good solution.

As a lot of scientists have researched macroeconomics problems, remember that the purpose of your work is only to get a new angle on some issue.

Here is a list of some possible research paper topics:

  • - The impact of alternative currencies on the economy.
  • - The reasons for popularity of credit cards.
  • - The effects of socialized medicine for the economy.
  • - The influence of the economic breakdown in Ireland on the EU economy.
  • - The reasons for the revitalization of the American economy after the Great Recession.
  • - The underlying reasons for rise in students loans and mortgages interest rates.
  • - The consequences of outsourcing for an ailing economy.
  • - The state policy towards the rise of college tuition.
  • - Legalization of soft drugs and its effects on the economy.
  • - The positive and negative sides of gun registry for the welfare of the country.
  • - The role of tariffs and taxes in the economy.
  • - The effects of oil depletion for the structure of the economy.
  • - The consequences of the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol for the manufacturing sector.
  • - The effects of low wages policies for the economy.
  • - The world economic crisis: the root causes of the stock market collapse.