What Are The Best Medical Research Paper Topics To Write About?

There are lots of interesting topics to write about in your medical research paper. You should just pick the issue you are truly interested in or explore the subject that is likely to come in handy for your professional career.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Topic

It may be difficult to find the topic that works the best for you. However, if you are clear about the category you want to focus on, the challenge turns into a manageable experience. If you pose a question in one of the following categories and answer it in your medical research paper, your work will definitely be a success:

  • Diseases
  • Whether it is AIDs, diabetes, or just a cold, you may focus on the treatment, causes, effects, diagnostics, and prevention of any of them.

  • Specific medical branches
  • Do research on the historical development of any medical branch (e.g. surgery, neurophysiology, chiropractic medicine, pediatrics, etc.) Explore any difficulties and problems that occur within a specific branch.

  • Other issues
  • Investigate ethical and moral issues that arise in medical industry, concentrate on the problems of medical education, or study professional difficulties that occur in the field.

    Inspiring Medical Research Paper Topics

    • How do Chinese doctors use acupuncture to relieve pain during childbirth? Do these methods really work?
    • Is the power of alternative medicine exaggerated? Who really benefits from alternative therapies?
    • How effective is chemotherapy in the treatment for breast cancer? Are there any new methods to confront the disease?
    • What methods of chiropractic treatment proved to be effective? How do they work?
    • How do cholesterol levels depend on the stress factors and health-related habits?
    • How are epidemiologic data collected and analyzed nowadays? Can epidemiology be considered a true science?
    • What are the origins of Hippocratic Oath? How is it understood nowadays?
    • What were the controversies of the original germ theory? How does it sound nowadays?
    • What are the effects of sleep deprivation on the human body and mind?
    • Will you trace the history of surgery? What was this medical branch like in different historical eras?
    • How can diabetes be prevented? How does the disease depend on the genetics and lifestyle factors?
    • What is depression? How is it treated nowadays?
    • What is narcissism? When is it considered to be normal and when does this mental disorder become pathological?
    • What are the causes of antibiotic resistance? How is this problem solved nowadays?
    • What is the impact of genetically modified food on the human body?
    • What disorders occur due to ageing? How does their occurrence depend on the gender of the aged?