How To Construct A Research Paper Outline On Gun Control

An outline helps to keep your thoughts on track in the process of constructing a research paper on gun control. It shows the ideas that will appear in different sections and how they will flow from the introduction to conclusion. The outline for a paper on gun control will indicate your main ideas and the sub topics that will feature under each issue. How then do you construct a helpful outline?

Identify and List the Main Areas of Your Paper

Each academic paper has several main areas. They include the introduction, body and conclusion. Within these main sections, there are smaller sections like literature review, discussion, presentation, references, etc. The sub sections should be listed below these main sections. This will give you a general feel and structure of your paper on gun control.

List the Main Points for Each Topic

Each topic has the main ideas that must be discussed either for or against it. On gun control, you may need to identify such areas as:-

  • - History of gun control debate
  • - Arguments for gun control
  • - Opinion against gun control
  • - The law on gun control

These are the sections that will determine the appearance of your paper. They are the main points of discussion when anyone is thinking about gun control. List them down in the order you would like them to appear in your paper.

Provide Details for Each Sub Topic

Each topic comes with several subtopics to enhance your discussion. For instance, when discussing the laws on gun control, you should focus on how legal provisions have changed over the years, how gun control is handled in different states, and the defining moments in the legal tussle on gun control. Each subtopic should have several points to add flesh to the discussion.

Identify Study Materials or Sources

An A+ paper on gun control can only be written after thorough research. Identify the materials you are going to use when constructing your paper and where you will get these materials. The resources include books, journals, news items, legal statutes, etc. These books must be credible and accepted for academic purposes.

The best outline for a research paper on gun control must be reviewed before being used in the writing process. The review helps you identify whether all the ideas have been captured and whether sufficient points have been lined-up for each sub-topic. The outline will indicate whether you are ready to commence writing or not.