Clear Academic Research Paper Writing Guidelines For College

Writing a research paper requires a scholarly piece of information written in a professional way. The formatting protocol requires appropriate structure to be followed and the student should complete that within a stipulated period of time. This is mandatory piece of knowledge every student should be equipped of.

Check out guidelines of an academic paper

  • Title Page: Include the name of the researcher or instructor with appropriate title and the course title. Write the date on the upper left side with double spaces on the very first page. The title of the research should be written in the centre in capital letters except for the articles, conjunctions and prepositions.
  • Introduction of the thesis statement: It reveals what part you have worked on.
  • Table of Content: This is also called as index page. This section is sufficient in itself to guide the reader with first level headings, second levels headings and the sections and subtitles.
  • Abstract: It is the compact summary of the entire thesis.
  • Review of literature: If you want to analyze the summary of the previous work, you should go through this section. It will assist the student in analyzing the similar type of study cases and will assist in building up the arguments and analysis in defense.
  • Body or main thesis part: Here the student should systematically arrange all types of information, data, arguments and analysis in support of the hypothesis.
  • Conclusion: This section provides the summary of the entire discussion. It analysis and states the implications on part of the student.
  • Text Citation and Referencing: There are 3 dominantly popular referencing styles- APA, MLA and Chicago. Apart from that there are certain other styles also which are followed like AAA, CSE, Turabian style and the ASA.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Avoid plagiarism at all cost. Many times students are so burdened that they commit this mistake unconsciously. Hence, it is suggested that they check their content online either through free online software or through paid ones. In case students are using direct quotes of other people or writer, they should mention it in their citation list. If they do not want to follow this pattern, they should rephrase their work.
  • Language: Always third person approach should be followed. Shun using – ‘we’, ‘you’ or ‘us’ etc. Claims should be based on data analysis and scientific deduction.
  • No slang and jargons: Do not punch idioms and do not narrate the stories. Keep the writing as simple and real as possible.