24 Interesting Research Paper Questions On Eating Disorders

In today’s society, many individuals suffer from a form of eating disorder every single day. Unbeknownst to their family/friends/peers, it can be unnoticeable to realize that someone is suffering until their physique changes. Every day scientists, doctors, advocates, counselors, and survivors work tirelessly trying to figure out solutions and treatments. While there are many cases that patients were helped and became healthy again, that does not mean the efforts to progress should stop. To individuals seeking answers or a better understanding of eating disorders, here are 24 questions you can ask yourself and write a research paper(s) on.

  1. Do young boys and men have a high statistic rate of eating disorders?
  2. Is it a logical thought to believe that media has played a major role in eating disorders?
  3. What are fashion companies doing to fight against forced eating disorder practices?
  4. How does one know when their diet(s) are taking them down the wrong path?
  5. What are the steps that an individual takes to cure themselves of an eating disorder?
  6. Can an eating disorder be caused by mental distress/abuse?
  7. How many types of eating disorders have been discovered so far?
  8. How many people in the United States currently suffer from an eating disorder?
  9. Is the ratio between men and women suffering from eating disorders close?
  10. Can an eating disorder be passed down to a baby by DNA genes?
  11. Is fasting a form of an eating disorder?
  12. Can excessive exercising play a role in causing someone to suffer from an eating disorder?
  13. Are there any self-remedies available if an individual is ashamed to tell anyone?
  14. What are the common behavioral signs of individuals who are suffering from eating disorders?
  15. What is the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
  16. What is the most common form of an eating disorder?
  17. What forms of treatment are available for bulimia nervosa?
  18. Are the treatments vastly different depending upon the eating disorder?
  19. Do insurance companies provide any help with individuals who have eating disorders?
  20. What actually causes an eating disorder?
  21. How many cases of atypical eating disorders exist?
  22. What are the statistics in other countries outside of America and how do they compare?
  23. Is there a specific approach a friend can take who is worried about a peer who shows symptoms?
  24. . How young does an eating disorder begin at?

These 24 questions should help you get started on your research paper. You’ll be an expert on eating orders and have your paper completed before you know it.