5 Elements Of A Good Research Paper On Medical Assisting

Composing a flourishing research paper is not an easy task. It should be able to creatively and effectively deliver pertinent information about the subject matter. Therefore, there are no shortcuts to be employed. One must adhere to the governing rules and principles. Here are the five major elements of a successful paper to help you out.

The title

This should appear on the title page. A good title should be brief and precise. Do not select too lengthy headings as this may broaden your writing to the extreme level that you may not manage. Generally, illustrate the relevance of your topic and how it fits into the given question. If you are unsure, it will do you good if you get clarification from your lecturer so as to annul from potential lower grades. Also include appropriate descriptive terms that qualify it to be germane.

Table of contents

This is majorly crafted to aid the reader access different information from your paper with ease. As you compose it, be sure that the subheadings and headings correctly correspond to the indicated page. Failure to do so will make your work illogical as will present a hard time for the reader. The page should be written in a clear font and a readable font size.


This section brings out the context or the setting of your work at hand. In this section, you also need to jot down the research question and the thesis statement. Use a captivating tone that can enchant the reader so that he or she keeps the course. Avoid words and statements that contradict each other and also maintain brevity.

The body

The basic features of this part are the methodology, the results and discussion. The first feature illustrates the methods employed in gathering results, data and pertinent evidence. If your techniques are based on a previous literature, ensure that the latter is still effectual. In presenting your results, you should base on the methods used in collecting the information. Do not introduce a result that was not explored or one that you cannot defend. The discussion on the other hand, should focus on the given results and should be relevant and lucid.


This is basically a summary of your points as illustrated in the body of the text. The writer should only state them without descriptions. Let your conclusion be brief, that is, should be covered in a single paragraph.