Research Paper Ideas For High School – 15 Questions To Investigate

Experts have long suggested that it’s important for high school students to select great research topics in order to make the project far more interesting for both the writer and the reader. Here are 15 great research paper ideas to explore:

  1. Why does the United States struggle to improve roads, bridges and waterways in comparison with other leading nations around the world?
  2. What are the most effective ways of dealing with noise pollutions in the community? How much is too much and are people going too far with policy?
  3. The United States is the wealthiest nation in the world, yet it falls behind when it comes to developing and providing some form of universal health care to citizens. Why?
  4. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to finding low cost solutions in providing insurance for malpractice claims in the health industry when malpractice is a leading form of death?
  5. Is society still discriminatory against working mothers who seek flexible work schedules when they return to their previous jobs?
  6. Some states make cheating on a spouse illegal; however the law is rarely enforced. Why do you think this isn’t pursued?
  7. If civil couples have the same protective rights and privileges as married couples, why do they wish to get married?
  8. Should divorce laws in the United States be reformed to make it harder for couples to separate considering the costs incurred by parties?
  9. Are statutory rape laws equally fair to consenting males and females under the age of 18? Are they discriminatory to males and patronizing to females?
  10. Should the federal government or state government be responsible for tracking controlled prescription medicines?
  11. Should healthy people have to pay higher health costs in order to cover the health expenses of unhealthy people?
  12. Discuss the research of the last twenty years that have allowed for embryos to be saved using cryogenic technology allowing families who can no longer reproduce a chance at having a child.
  13. Are Americans working too hard for compensation that just barely covers the standard cost of living for middle-income families? Is the current 40-hour per week model fair to the majority of people?
  14. Provide a critical analysis of hands-on training and apprenticeship across different trade industries in the United States.
  15. What would occur around the world if population continues to go up and the demand for natural resources surpasses the available supply?