A List Of Unique Term Paper Topics On World War 2 

If you should write a term paper on World War 2, don’t get frustrated. Lots of marvelous ideas may be explored in your history project. Here is a list of unique topics on World War 2 to choose from.

    1. The Holocaust: why did the genocide take place?

    About six million Jews as well as six million of other innocent people (ethnic Russians, Poles, Roma, homosexuals, disabled people) were killed by the Nazis during World War 2. Was the so-called “inferiority” to the Arian race the only reason for those mass murders?

    2. D-Day: why is it called the climactic battle of World War 2?

    In your term paper, describe and analyze the Normandy invasion of June 1944. Why was it successful? Why it was significant? What was the role of Americans in the battle?

    3. Women during World War 2.

    Explore the role of women during the wartime. What did they do at home? How did women help at the front?

    4. Living and surviving on the home front.

    Life of the civilians during the war was called the home front. How did the lives of ordinary families change? Where did they work and how did they support their army?

    5. The GI Bill of Rights: analyzing strengths and weaknesses.

    The GI Bill was undertaken to help the returning servicemen adjust to new life after World War 2. In your term paper, analyze its positive points as well as look for the evident gaps.

    6. Higgins Boats: how did they change the course of World War 2?

    Do research on how these vehicles transformed the way the battles took place. How were they constructed? What strong points did they have?

    7. Military weapons in World War 2.

    Compare military weaponry used by the opposing sides (e.g. American and Japanese, German and British). What technological innovations were used?

    8. Atomic bomb in World War 2.

    How did the use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki change the course of the war? How was the understanding of warfare changed?

    9. Concentration camps.

    Pick any famous concentration camp (like, Dachau, Auschwitz) and learn how it worked. How did this camp differ from other concentration camps in World War 2?

    10. Battle of (insert the name): why was it important?

    In your term paper, explore any of the famous battles (like, the Battle of the Coral Sea/ of the Bulge/ of Britain/ of Midway/ El Alamein, etc.) of World War 2.